Fun Sports Sessions T’s&C’s

Sports are undertaken entirely at your own risk.

Management will not be responsible for any loss or injury incurred. Participants and Parents/legal guardians understand and agree to the following:

By engaging in the sports, both participants and spectators are deemed to have knowledge of, and assume the risks associated with sports which include but are not limited to:

a) Injuries that result from collision or contact with other participants or other individuals who are taking part.

b) Injuries that result from slips, trips and falls.

c) Injuries that involve objects or artificial structures, or obstructions that are within the properly intended path of travel another participant

Participants & Spectators also agree to:

Parents/guardians must stay with children at all times and take full responsibility for them during sessions.

Read and abide by all signs and warning notices posted, whilst co-operating with staff.

Accept responsibility for knowing the range of his/her abilities while participating.

Leave the area when sessions end, or as directed by staff.

Refrain from acting in a manner that may cause or contribute to injury of themselves or any other person.

Refrain from instigating or becoming involved in any type of altercations with any other participant or spectator and engaging in abusive, abrasive or disorderly conduct.

The staff and organisers hold the right to refuse entry to anyone not complying with the above.

Participants asked to leave or removed from activity will not be refunded for their session fee if breaking this Code of Conduct.

PLEASE NOTE: MawFIT staff members are not responsible for the provision or care of any participant throughout the entirety of the sessions. Nor will we be responsible for accident or injury throughout sessions. Participants should be accompanied and monitored by an adult at all times.